Elaine Norvell
Elaine Norvell 13 timmar sedan
Can all cultures function in a first world society?
Per Du
Per Du 13 timmar sedan
From the outside, it seems like America is like a die-and-retry game in which you sign the wrong government-backed contract and oops! You live in a tent now. Except you don't get to retry
Michael Richardson
Michael Richardson 13 timmar sedan
The "Lil' Guys" cereal looks like it could be swapped out with the clay-like "people" (Gaians) spit out/birthed by the planet (Gaia) in a Season 4 Rick and Morty episode (Childrick of Mort)... just add Rick's hair spikes to them...(similar to Bart Simpson).
jgpp 13 timmar sedan
Far out. John Oliver and writers and so friggin good. Proper "good" in the "versus evil" sense. We're lucky to have them. ♥️
Alexander Hofer
Alexander Hofer 13 timmar sedan
Well, people scamming everyone they can find? Sounds like capitalism is working well still.
Obscure guy
Obscure guy 13 timmar sedan
watch They Live 1988
rifka h
rifka h 13 timmar sedan
this man is *this* close to criticizing capitalism outright
Crypto Evo
Crypto Evo 13 timmar sedan
Elon Musk is the biggest fixer of United States to make sure cryptocurrency will be regulated
Vishal Palia
Vishal Palia 13 timmar sedan
Thanks to you now I will never forget Ygrene
Mathew Brunetta
Mathew Brunetta 13 timmar sedan
No algorithm. No.
Lauren Bardallis
Lauren Bardallis 13 timmar sedan
George Clooney sitting in a room full of chairs and lights, a home movie theater. How... relatable. Totally not in poor taste when placed in a segment about financial insecurity.
Oscar Jaziel
Oscar Jaziel 13 timmar sedan
I didn’t come here to be attacked John. If you are going to attack me at least put me on the show. *cries in non homeowner millennial
john lyon
john lyon 13 timmar sedan
My baby sister would slap the shit out of this guy.
Danny Bailess
Danny Bailess 13 timmar sedan
The 1st 2 and a 1/2 minutes is rough But oh so true
StrawberryDreams 13 timmar sedan
your explanation of house ownership made me very emotional xD;;;
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 13 timmar sedan
38 and still going ahead and skipping this video. Thanks for the heads up John.
Marguerite Hudsell
Marguerite Hudsell 13 timmar sedan
Heroes don't capitalize on their performance or roll calling abilities. They walk quietly into the sunset.
T D 13 timmar sedan
I love john oliver, hut pleeeease stop crushing my dreams, all i want is to own a home.
Christophe 13 timmar sedan
Very weird 3D job on the pace house/dollar picture... It bugged me the whole time...
joseph emmanuel
joseph emmanuel 13 timmar sedan
This episode was just perfect Very informative
Rick B
Rick B 13 timmar sedan
Government contractors lying?!? I've never heard of such a thing...
Radical Yue
Radical Yue 13 timmar sedan
One thing I do want to note is that a lot of people get Pace confused with other AMAZING programs that are free and really benefit people. I worked for a company out of Maryland that was contracted with the electric companies and they went around giving out/installing (they're required to do the installation so people can't be like "I was shocked installing this lightbulb and now I shall sue!) free LED light bulbs, low flow showerheads, power saving smart strips and some other stuff and that was totally free and part of green initiatives throughout the state. We got a toooon of people calling us concerned it was a scam or tied to PACE and that always broke my heart because it was like, "No, we're really just trying to give you free stuff to help you conserve energy and save money ;-;"
Marisa Beltran
Marisa Beltran 13 timmar sedan
You're telling me that Asiana are not overachivers in general😨... wow... I was an ignorant Mexican minority... "Well done USA"👏
Infi 13 timmar sedan
Suddenly, JO has stopped criticizing the government. 😑
Daniel McAllister
Daniel McAllister 13 timmar sedan
A gun obssesed nation of freaks and deviants Trumpland
Richter12x2 13 timmar sedan
"Vigorous disclosure practices": 127 pages of legal jargon that no one without a business law degree will understand.
Lucia Marconi
Lucia Marconi 13 timmar sedan
made by purpose to kick poor and weak people out of their houses.
Seven Bates
Seven Bates 13 timmar sedan
"Netflix's own, Barak Obama" ...possibly the most perfect and nuanced line in American television, in years.
Jimmy Lay
Jimmy Lay 13 timmar sedan
Stop watching this corporate propogandist.
Poonam Srivastava
Poonam Srivastava 13 timmar sedan
OMG ... A new hell here in paradise. Also why both political parties suck.
Richter12x2 13 timmar sedan
I had old single pane windows, several large picture windows in the living room. So I asked for quotes to put in low-e windows. The quote was over $30k. I decided to just have solar film installed instead for $800. That paid itself back pretty quick. Even using the window company's math, the return on investment for $30k of windows was going to take 99 years
C•rla ea
C•rla ea 13 timmar sedan
Every time he says "Exactly" I have no idea what they meant
Thanks Hermione
Thanks Hermione 13 timmar sedan
Why do people keep saying the U.S. is the greatest country in the world? This show could be renamed "How America Keeps Screwing Up".
Despondencymusic 13 timmar sedan
11:32 Yet, Bill and Trump are cozy enough now to go on tour together.
Angela Melina Raab
Angela Melina Raab 13 timmar sedan
i almost fell for this
beatrice jane
beatrice jane 13 timmar sedan
not me gasping when my home station fell for the blanket omfg
Jes Larcy
Jes Larcy 13 timmar sedan
your contractor forgot to file the municipal tax exemption from Obomber thats why your tax bill went high. YOU HAVE TO FILE THE EXEMPTION WITH THE MUNICIPALITY .. WTF I used to do macro wind turbines
kris Villegas
kris Villegas 13 timmar sedan
Imamul Hok21 Rasid Khan12
Imamul Hok21 Rasid Khan12 13 timmar sedan
The spooky tent fifthly close because grenade surgically thank sans a present chauffeur. elfin, previous opera
JABoyle3875 13 timmar sedan
Good god, it DOES look like George Carlin.
Madeleine Sutherland
Madeleine Sutherland 13 timmar sedan
Just caught this one six years later and it's gold. By the way, PhD "students" also work as researchers and teachers on "20 hour" appointments that somehow consume ~60 hours per week, and our bosses (Principal Investigators, project leaders, etc) regularly bar us from taking our own classes and taking advantage of professional development opportunities. But when we try to address workplace abuses, our universities always try to argue "they're students, not employees!!"
Phoebe Simon
Phoebe Simon 13 timmar sedan
Ahh, a lovely daily reminder of my generation's doom to a future where we can't even afford to rent out a closet with four roommates. Why'd they have to do us like that dammit
Shane Edmonds
Shane Edmonds 13 timmar sedan
I miss Rachel Dratch...whatever happened to her?
Joshua Picaro
Joshua Picaro 13 timmar sedan
No Money down.
t0raneko 13 timmar sedan
"Conditions are primed for disaster but we're not doing anything to stop it" That is the new norm in the USA.
Annabelle Stephenson
Annabelle Stephenson 14 timmar sedan
As for that contractor that said, "You suck" to that reporter who caught him, I'd like to raise the counterargument that YOU are the one who, in fact, sucks.
Dann F
Dann F 14 timmar sedan
Kcuf ffo hahahahaha
Dissonance Paradiddle
Dissonance Paradiddle 14 timmar sedan
THe FreE MArkEt REGULATeS ITselF. This is so sad and disguising
Sydney Foster
Sydney Foster 14 timmar sedan
Why couldn't they pay minimum wage, with a portion going to their prison fund, and they can do what they need to with the rest? Most of that money is going to stay in the prison/legal systems, but they aren't being treated as slaves, and it's still less cost than if the prison had to hire outside labor. Or give them the ability NOT to work, without reprocussions. They're still people.
Cal M
Cal M 14 timmar sedan
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver isn't timely or dealing with any issues that have happened in the last two weeks.
luserdroog 14 timmar sedan
If Missouri is on the short list of pilot programs, that ought to be a huge red flag right there. -- Missouri resident
Adam Norvell
Adam Norvell 14 timmar sedan
Something about a Brit who came to America to complain about America bugs the hell out of me
GvMeEmoFlash 14 timmar sedan
How timely and relevant
Jeremiah Waterways
Jeremiah Waterways 14 timmar sedan
Yay for Monica. Sorry we were all jerks. You're a world teacher now.
Oldschool Gamer
Oldschool Gamer 14 timmar sedan
quarter of a million Americans are going to die: yup it might cost you the election: yup trump still has his fans and rallies: yes, though nowhere near as "great" as they once were Of course, they will never abandon you, even if you are actively killing them: spot on
Casey 3-P-O
Casey 3-P-O 14 timmar sedan
1:58 this is why I don't even try anymore. Burn baby burn
Dale Reynolds
Dale Reynolds 14 timmar sedan
Thank you!
Michelangelo Ribeiro
Michelangelo Ribeiro 14 timmar sedan
18:12 You mean like Coca-Cola who sells plastic bottles but then makes ad campaigns to throw the guilt of the pollution on consumers ?
Olivia Schneider
Olivia Schneider 14 timmar sedan
It's wild that there's such a discussion about it when it really should just be "wear your hair however you want because its none of anybody's business". I guess I can maybe see why someone would talk about un natural died hair, like pink or blue if its dealing with customers. but its insane to say that someone should change how their hair naturally is and how they wear it best.
Brian Watters
Brian Watters 14 timmar sedan
no one thinks J.O. is funny
Morgan MacLean
Morgan MacLean 14 timmar sedan
aircraft are only required to carry enough oxygen for the crew and 10% of the passengers.
M M 14 timmar sedan
3D printing will one day solve housing. All u need is a small place to build it.
Dan 14 timmar sedan
A government program aimed at lower income people turned into a complete screw up? Who could've ever seen that coming?
Flo Chartingham
Flo Chartingham 14 timmar sedan
Yeah but, where else are you going to see a dead body?
Dr. James Olack
Dr. James Olack 14 timmar sedan
6/22/21.....3rd or 4th time watching this one. Just as hilarious as the 1st time. Love John Oliver!!
David Jarrah
David Jarrah 14 timmar sedan
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Kevin Caraher
Kevin Caraher 14 timmar sedan
Born in 1996 and I own a house, does that mean i'm the unicorn of millennials?
HepheistoBD 14 timmar sedan
Damnit america, you even manage to destroy people with subsidies.
Rarified Apparel
Rarified Apparel 14 timmar sedan
The ancient spade extragingivally radiate because guide monthly visit for a lazy back. angry, far-flung hour
David Jarrah
David Jarrah 14 timmar sedan
The mundane offer pertinently enter because turkey presumably wave astride a soggy fuel. roomy, painstaking niece
ryan wagner
ryan wagner 14 timmar sedan
damn john, spot on with the being born after 1985 comment
Pete Bell
Pete Bell 14 timmar sedan
our HOA discriminates based on color….
David Pelky
David Pelky 14 timmar sedan
The courageous partner remarkably admire because door embryologically fit during a early glove. brainy, peaceful improvement